Washington, Connecticut Cemetery

Rules & Regulations

Washington Green Cemetery and Underwood Meadows Cemetery

Adopted by the Board of Directors, September 16, 2004


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Washington Green Cemetery and Underwood Meadows Cemetery

Section 1. For the mutual protection of every lot owner and of the Corporation and of all persons employed in connection therewith and all visitors, these regulations have been adopted by the Board of Directors as the regulations of the Cemetery at Washington, Connecticut. All lot owners, contractors, visitors and other persons upon property of the Corporation or within the boundaries of the Cemetery, and all lots and grave spaces within the Cemetery, are subject to these regulations as amended from time to time by the Board of Directors as the Board may deem requisite to secure the purposes and welfare of the Cemetery.

Section 2. The Cemetery is subject to the Public Health Statutes of the State of Connecticut.

Section 3. The Washington Cemetery is non-sectarian.

Section 4. The owner of cemetery lots is purchasing the right of interment only. The lot owner does not have ownership of the property itself.

Section 5. The Association reserves the right to correct any errors made in the description, transfer or conveyance of any interment property, either by cancelling the conveyance and substituting another property of equal value at the discretion of the Association, or refunding the amount of money paid for the property.

Section 6. For such consideration as the Board of Directors may from time to time establish, the Corporation will convey the right to use lots or single grave spaces to owners who shall thereupon become members of the Corporation. All lots or grave spaces conveyed, however, shall continue under the control of the Corporation so far as to secure conformity in the use, care and management thereof to the purposes, welfare and regulations of the Corporation.

Section 7. Without further change to the owners who have paid for perpetual care, the Corporation takes general care of the Cemetery as a whole out of income from its Perpetual Care Fund. Contributions and bequests to that fund are gratefully received.

Section 8 The Corporation takes reasonable precautions to protect lot owners and others and their property within the Cemetery from loss, damage or injury, but it shall not be responsible therefore.

Section 9. It shall be the duty of the lot owner to notify the Corporation of any change in the owner’s post office address. Any notice set to the lot owner at the last address on file with Corporation shall be considered sufficient and legal notification.

Section 10. Upon the death of the owner, the right to use the lot descends to the heirs-at-law or beneficiaries. After the death of an owner, the ownership shall be transferred on the books of the Corporation in the manner specified by the By-Laws.

Section 11. The single owner or all the co-owners of a lot may designate in writing filed with the Secretary the persons who shall be interred in the lot and may direct that upon the interment of said persons the lot shall be closed to further interments. In the absence of a contrary designation, the spouse and the ancestors and the direct descendants of an owner and their spouses will have the right of interment in the lot to the extent of its capacity.

Section 12. The Corporation shall be entitled to recognize ownership according to its own records made in conformity with the By-Laws and shall not be bound to recognize transfers appearing upon the Land Records of the Town of Washington if not correspondingly registered on the records of the Corporation.

Section 13. The Corporation may rely as to any fact on the affidavit of anyone who, in the judgement of the Board of Directors is, or should be, acquainted with such fact and no liability of any sort shall attach to or be imposed upon the Corporation or the Directors thereof because of any action taken or not taken in reliance on any such affidavit.

Section 14. Special cases may arise in which the literal enforcement of a regulation may impose unnecessary hardship. The Corporation, therefore, reserves the right, without notice, to make exceptions, suspensions or modifications in any such of these Regulations when in its judgement the same appears advisable; but such exception, suspension or modification shall in no way be construed as affecting the general application of such Regulation.

Pets Pets must be leashed and are only permitted on roadways within cemetery grounds. Clean up after your pets.



Washington Green Cemetery and Underwood Meadows Cemetery

Section 1. Before opening a grave, the Sexton shall receive the approval of the Secretary. Before interment, the Sexton shall receive for Registry such certificate or certificates as are required by law.

Section 2. All interments, disinterment, removals or any change whatever affecting interments shall be made by the employees of the Corporation at the owner’s expense.

Section 3. Lots are primarily intended for the interment of the original owners of the lots, their spouses, ancestors and direct descendants and their spouses as the area may allow. But if the written consent of the single owner or of all the owners of a lot is received by the Corporation and there is sufficient unused grave space, and there have not been any restrictions placed on the record of the Corporation in regard to the internments, others may be interned.

Section 4. Only one (1 interment of uncremated remains and four (4) of cremated remains will be allowed in each grave space with the proviso that the uncremated remains be interred first.

Section 5. At the time of interment, the funeral director shall place a suitable marker on the grave. This marker shall be a Norman marker or its equivalent, and the information on same must be typed.

Section 6. No burials shall be made in the cemetery grounds between December 1st and April 1st without prior approval from a Corporation officer.

Section 7. No burials shall be made on Sunday without prior approval from a Corporation officer.

Section 8. The cemetery shall be open to all interments on Saturday until 5:00 pm.

Section 9. Only two interments of cremated remains will be allowed on each 3’ x 3’ grave space located in the New Cremation Area (No. 400’s) in Washington Green Cemetery.

Section 10. VETERANS’S GRAVES. The Cemetery has a limited number of graves available for deceased, indigent veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Eligibility for this area (Lots 518 and 519 Washington Green Cemetery, Lot Nos. V1 and V2 Underwood Meadows Cemetery) is solely at the discretion and decision of the Board of Directors of the Cemetery. In addition to the Rules and Regulations of the Cemetery, the following rules and regulations shall apply to the Veterans’ Graves section. Cremated remains of a spouse may be buried in the same grave allotted for the veteran. Only markers for deceased veterans will be allowed and they shall be flush markers no larger than two feet (2’) x one foot (1’). There shall be no decorations allowed on graves in the Veterans’ Section other than American flags and markers from veterans’ organizations approved by the Cemetery.



Washington Green Cemetery

Section 1. Memorials may be placed upon lots and graves but only after written approval of the proposed design and specifications has been granted by the Corporation.

Section 2. Only one central or family monument will be allowed on a lot. For the purposes of this Section only, a lot shall be defined as four (4) graves having one common point on their boundaries. The area of the face of the monument shall not exceed ten percent (10%) of the area of the lot; and the height from the grade shall not exceed five feet (5’).

Section 3. Grave markers shall not exceed one foot (1’) from front to rear, nor two feet (2’) in width, nor shall the height from the grade exceed thirty-six inches (36”). In any lot in which an individual gravestone has been installed prior to January 1, 1952, similar individual gravestones may be installed thereafter, provided the height of such gravestones shall not exceed five feet (5’) from the grade.

Section 4. All foundations for monuments and grave markers shall be built by the foundation company. All foundations for monuments shall be the full size of the superstructure and extend to a depth of at least four feet or to the same depth as graves adjoining or close thereto, except the foundations is prohibited between December 1 and March 31, and during the ten days preceding Memorial Day.

Section 5. A grave space designed for uncremated remains and containing up to four cremated remains shall be limited to two grave markers, one of which may be upright and one of which must be set flush with the grade.

Section 6. In those 3’ x 3’ grave spaces in the New Cremation Area (No. 400’s), there shall be no more than one grave marker which must be set flush with the grade. The locations in no case shall they exceed the maximum allowable dimensions for grave markers set forth above.

Section 7. In the Veteran’s Section, Lot Nos. 518 and 519, only markers for deceased veterans will be allowed and they shall be flush markers no larger than two feet (2’) x one foot (1’) and limited to granite or bronze. Marble tablet is not permitted.



Washington Green Cemetery and Underwood Meadows Cemetery

Section 1. The Corporation desires to preserve, landscape, improve and embellish the Cemetery so it will attain its maximum dignity and beauty for all who come to visit there. Owners desiring to do planting or gardening work shall first state in satisfactory detail the work they desire to do and obtain the approval of such officers of the Corporation as are duly authorized by the Board of Directors to grant such approvals. The following items are not appropriate in the Cemetery and are prohibited:

  • No lights are allowed whatsoever, including candles, vigil lights, solar lights, strings of lights, and any type of light that is operated with a battery or battery pack.
  • Glass jars, watering cans, statuary, balloons and other unsightly grave decorations.
  • Crushed stone, wood chips and shells on graves.
  • No shepherd hooks or other items are allowed that would compromise the safety of the ground crew as maintenance routines are carried out.

The Corporation reserves the right to remove without notice floral and similar temporary decorations, whether natural or artificial, together with the containers for same, as indicated by their condition or after thirty (30) days.

Section 2. If at any time any trees or shrubs situated in any lot shall by means of their roots, branches or general condition interfere with use of the lot markers, or become detrimental to the adjacent lots, or become unsightly or inconvenient, or interfere with the use of roads and paths, the Corporation shall have the right without notice to enter said lot and remove the said trees and shrubs or such parts thereof as it shall determine to be detrimental, unsightly or inconvenient, or as to interfere in any way with the use of the Cemetery. All tree removal shall be done by the Corporation.

Section 3. No plantings shall be permitted in the Cemetery grounds except by the Corporation.

Section 4. There shall be no decorations allowed on graves in the Veteran’s Section other than American flags and markers from veteran’s organizations approved by the Cemetery.

Section 5. Winter Decorations. The Cemetery permits the placing of wreaths and grave blankets made of natural material from Thanksgiving Day to March 15th. Should you wish to save your decoration please remove it before that date.

Section 6. Monument Bases. Bases of 3″ to 4″ are allowed to avoid damage from weed trimmers. The total height of the monument and base combined must still adhere to the height limitations contained in the Memorial Regulations of the Cemetery.